Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alive...nearly well

What a whirlwind the last few months have been! And in true Abby form nothing is as good with out a little story. Feel free to skip. But it must be recorded. Back at the end of May everyone I came in contact with kept asking me are you guys done having kids?? I got a little tired of the same old response of yeah we are good. I started saying some rather blasphemous things like unless an angel visits me or unless I am pregnant with Jesus's baby......then yep the Trapp line will end with four boys here. Low and behold you would think I would have learned by now that I am so not in charge and 2 days after having that conversation with my mom I would find out that we are indeed expecting baby#5. And if you are still with me here goes another story for the record books. I wasn't feeling good at the end of May. Sore throat swollen glands fever chills blah blah blah. This was the third time in a month on this cold so I finally called the doctor. Miracle of all miracles they could squeeze me in that afternoon!! At my appt they took a medical history and wanted to have me pee in a cup and get blood done nor,al stuff for a new patient. I didn't think anything of it at all. The nurse came in talked to me said nothing. Then sent the dr in he says well we know what is wrong with you......your pregnant!! Say what no really that's not funny what is really wrong. No we are serious you are very pregnant. Cue panick attack doctor asking me tom lie down. Asking if I am ok blah blah. All I could say I can't breath and I can't do five boys!! The poor nurse felt so bad this was her first week out of school and on the job. I phoned Jeff ASAP to which he responds it's not mine that's impossible. Thanks so supportive. The next few days involved a lot of fogginess lots of pregnancy tests. Whoa crazy. We couldn't believe it. Still can't some days. It is a total weird thing. It has been a big shock as we have always agreed on four kids but it is starting to sink in. It's funny what we have pictured in our minds for our families to look like. If some one everbtold me this is what my future would have been I never would have believed them. I am due in January and we will find out in a few weeks what we are having. All the old wives tales say girl which they never have before but either way we will love it and I am sure it will fit right in. So there you have it. Where I have been and why there has been zero to blog about. I am so exhausted and there is not a whole lot going around these parts. This being dog sick in the summer stinks the boys have been so patient. Hopefully we will get to leave the house again soon!!

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The Four on Board said...

i like that you are blogging again! or at least for tonight! crossing my fingers for you and the pink dust!