Friday, April 25, 2008

My favs......

So last time I did a post like this, I loved reading everyones comments and hearing about your favorite things!! So here it goes a list of a few favorite things as of lately! Feel free to share your favortie things on your blogs as well....ENJOY!!

First thing is this AWESOME website
This website has all the standard works, ensign articles and Relief Society mauals. You can set up your own customized reading schedule and then they email it to you daily. Plus you can journal and highlight. It is very cool and it makes me feel a little less guilty about being online soooo much!

Bags, Bags and more Bags....
I love purses/bags I always have and probably always will. I found this cool diaper bag at a boutique myellacollection...I love it because I can change the flaps so that I do not get completely sick of the bag. LOVE it!!

Then I bought this bag:

For my carry-on when we go to Hawaii....what am I going to do without a dipaer bag all week...problem solved I love this bag and I can not wait for it to get here!!!

Jewelry...I found ths website via a blog!! Seriously I have been looking for this exact necklace and I want it SOOOOO bad!!! I told Jeff mother's day is coming but then he reminded me that my above bag was what I told him I wanted....well maybe Christmas??? I better start saving my pennies.

Target maternity clothes!!! With my last two pregnancies I HATED Target's maternity, they were made for people who don't get HUGE like me...but they finally made there sizes true, a Large is actually large and not a small. Love it...and it is so much cheaper than motherhood!!!

Scrapbooking...I have been a machine this week cranking out so many layouts. I have had so much fun and can not believe that I have not scrapbooked in SO long. I am totally addicted again. has so many paper packets I want...but I know I have to use all my paper I already have!!!

And last but certainly not least these cute boys.....I have been spending so much time with them lately just the three of us these last few months, while Jeff has been busy. I just love that I get to spend each day being entertained by these CRAZY little ones!!


karin said...

You know I giggled the whole time I read this- it is SO YOU.

Darci said...

I loved your fav's. We have alot in common,hehe. I love that necklace also so cool.

Marc and Shay said...

I agree, I especially loved the part where you've already gotten your mother's day gift coming! I do the same thing, I conveniently lose track :) You do have cute kids, and what a good perspective to keep as a stay at home mom:)

Jason and Jeni said...

Hey Abby! How have you been? I loved reading a few of your blogs:) it seems like life is good for you and your beauitful family! Your favorite things were awsome and now i want to go to those websites! I am excited to keep up with your life on here!

Heather said...

OK, so IF I ever have another baby, you are in charge of finding me a cool, cute diaper bag! You have such great taste!