Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pictures Finally.....

Wow I am lame....very lame at posting pictures....It was a VERY long week last week. But I am happy to report all is well again. Noah and Sawyer got to have some much needed Grandma time with my mom and Jeff's mom, they were very sweet to come to my aid when I was feeling horrible last week!!! Thanks for spoiling them as only Grandma's can do.
What we have been up to....
Noah....is becoming much more understandable in the talking department. Which is very helpful to people who are not around him 24-7 like me. His new passsion right now are bubbles...I found this great bubble machine at the store and he loves it and it is the best ten dollars I have spent in a long time. After weeks and weeks of stealing any pacifer he can get his hands on...I caved...I gave him a broken one that I cut. I don't even think he sucks on it but he is happy to have it and no longer takes hours to go to bed. He loves his brother and is very happy to bug and wrestle him at any chance he gets.
Sawyer.....is as usual always happy! He loves food still and really has not met anything he doesn't like. He loves his Daddy and just sits at the front door calling his name all day long. He is getting lots and lots of teeth and has started biting which may come in handy when he is being attacked by his brother. He is trying desperately to walk but really can't get enough space to go about his business. He loves to be outside and play with all the big kids.
Jeff....is just barely starting busy season. In what little spare time that he has he plays with the boys, takes care of me and maybe gets in an occasional basketball game on TV or maybe even some Golf on the Xbox.
Me....after last week I am trying to get back in the swing cleaning house, I am definitly feeling a need to do a lot of spring cleaning around here. I am hoping to get in some much needed scrapbooking with the late nights Jeff will be having. Baby is doing good....he is still nameless and still a boy. The Dr. one day last week told me it was a girl but took that back the next day...my mom keeps teasing that it might be one of those babies that you had when you where a kid...flip over a boy and over for a girl. Maybe she is right. Or twins??? I wish..well not really but it would be nice to get one of each. We are loving this warmer weather and feeling great these days!!!


karin said...

I was going to show you how to have photos with the words- remind me!

Look at you posting photos from TODAY! You are turning into Darci ;)

I am glad you are feeling better, you just have to take it easy so it stays that way.

Kelly said...

Cute post! Love the pictures too! Sorry we weren't there earlier yesterday to hang out with everyone. Looked like fun!

cari said...

I am glad that you are doing better and I am even more glad that you were well enough to come down for a visit. I had so much fun playing with Noah and Sawyer. They are so easy to amuse!!